We offer a wide range of landlord insurance from rent protection to buildings and contents. Cover can be incepted at the click of a button or can be fully automated.


We know a dispute with a tenant can be financially catastrophic for landlords.

We provide a standalone landlord legal expenses insurance policy with £50,000 of cover for both pursing and defending legal disputes. We even provide a free legal helpline.

Our sleep easy policy starts from just a few pence per day?

Features & Benefits

  • Pursuit legal expenses up to £50,000

    After an incident of physical damage, to get possession, pursue an eviction or recover unpaid rent

  • Defence legal expenses up to £50,000

    We will defend your legal rights if an incident arising from letting your property leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court

  • Hotel expenses up to £1,500

    We will pay up to £50 per day up to the limit of cover for hotel expenses where no alternative accommodation is available to you whilst you try to gain possession of your property for you to live in it

  • Free legal helpline

    Get free access to our in-house lawyers for basic advice on tenancy related legal matters

  • Nil excess

    There is no excess to pay in the event of a claim