Fraudulent Documents

Fraudsters are a major concern for the property rental market in the UK. They use various tactics to swindle both landlords and tenants out of their money. One of the most common techniques is the use of fraudulent documents in tenancy applications. In this article, we will explore how fraudsters are using these documents and

Open Banking in Referencing

Open banking can be used in tenant referencing to provide a more accurate and efficient way of assessing a tenant’s financial standing and creditworthiness. With open banking, tenants can give their prospective landlords or letting agents access to their financial data, including their bank statements and transaction history, through a secure API. By using open

Fraud is on the rise…

Property Reporter says that £82.7 billion worth of UK property is being let to criminals. That’s 5% of current housing stock. Tenant fraud is a growing problem in the rental industry, and one of the most common forms of fraud is the submission of fraudulent documents including fake IDs, payslips, utility bills and bank statements.